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Test & monitor your WebRTC-based application at scale

testRTC is a testing, monitoring and analytics platform designed and built for the new generation of WebRTC-based communications. testRTC enables you to improve the user experience of your service pre-launch as well as in production.

Improve Visibility

  • Monitor your production service at all times
  • Conduct regression and stress tests for your service
  • Continuously check against the multiple browser versions

Better Decisions

  • Monitor your application’s communications paths as your customers experience them
  • Quickly find and fix communication related problems

Tailored to you

  • Write your first test script in minutes
  • Immediately view your application’s performance
  • Setup scheduled monitoring events

How it Works?

4 easy steps to improve your service stability

Sign up
Write your script
Run the test

1. Sign up

Got a WebRTC service up and running? It is time you make sure it offers your users the best possible experience

  • Go to our sign up page and create an account
  • Wait until we confirm your request (it may take up to 24 hours)

What are you waiting for?

Register now

2. Write your script

Our scripts use the highly popular Selenium Nightwatch JavaScript commands - it is easy to use, even for non-developers.

Use any of the samples provided, along with our extensive help and support, to develop your own test script.

We are here to assist in getting you started with that first script if you need.

3. Run the test

Run your test script. Add variability by changing browser versions, locations, network configuration and scale.

This will give you a better understanding of how your service operates in front of real users.

All test results are collected and archived, making them available for you to review and analyze.

4. Monitor

Set up an automated monitor service.

This will run continously, making sure your service is available to your customers at all times.

Customer Reviews

Check out what people say about us

testRTC makes the life of our R&D team a lot easier. Until now we have relied on a complicated Raspberry Pi setup to test our WebRTC solutions. With testRTC we can now test in a more efficient and predictable way. It is a fantastic product and definitely a must have for every WebRTC solutions provider.

Fabian Bernhard

Founder and CEO, Veeting Rooms

Your product already spotted a bug. Thank you very much for this tool. Having testRTC connect to the virtual room I'm in at the same time is very impressive! That's definitely something I was looking for to test in our audio/video bridge.

Philippe Sultan

CTO, Apidaze

I have had a great time using testRTC, it's just an incredible tool!

Matt Swartz

Director of Network operations, SingleComm

Not sure ? Start a free trial today and see how it works!

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