Executing a WebRTC test that scales

There’s a growing trend from the companies that come to testRTC in recent months, and it has to do with the focus of what they are looking for. Most are less interested in how testRTC can be used for functional testing – things like coverage of scenarios and finding edge cases and automating tests for them. […]

What happens when WebRTC shifts to TURN over TCP

You wouldn’t believe how TURN over TCP changes the behavior of WebRTC on the network. I’ve written this on BlogGeek.me about the importance of using TURN and not relying on public IP addresses. What I didn’t cover in that article was how TURN over TCP changes the behavior we end up seeing on the network. This […]

Are you following the WebRTC deprecation path?

I just had to share this one. You know how people complain about WebRTC breaking their services, and it being unstable? It is partially true. What these people don’t tell you, is that oftentimes they just ignore all the warnings signs that are out there. In many of the cases, the service breaks simply because […]

WebRTC: To Mechanical Turk or NOT to Mechanical Turk

I’ve seen this a few times already. People look at an automated process – only to replace it with a human one. For some reason, there’s a belief that humans are better. And grinding the same thing over and over and over and over and over again. They’re not. And there’s a place for both humans […]

Introducing: Our Brand New Dashboard

We’ve been working hard these past two months, ever since we got our previous release out the door. This time, we invested a lot of time and thought on the small items. And one big item as well. All over the service, you’ll notice some slight changes to the UI. This is an ongoing process to […]

WebRTC Test Automation and where it fits in your roadmap

I see mixed signals about the popularity and acceptance of test automation. It is doubly so when testing WebRTC. Time to consider some serious WebRTC test automation. In favor of automation A tester automated his job for 6 years – most probably a hoax, but one that rings partially true. The moral of the story is simple – […]

testRTC Update: May 2016

Yesterday, we released our latest update to testRTC. This new version started with the intent to “just replace backend tables” and grew from there due to the usual feature creep. Wanting to serve the needs of our customers does that to us. Anyway, here’s what you should expect from this updated version: Improved backend tables. We’ve rewritten our […]

Use our Monitor During Development to Flush Out Your Nastiest WebRTC Bugs

Things break. Unexpectedly. All the time. One thing we noticed recently is the a customer or two of ours decided to use our monitoring service in their staging versions or during development – and not only on their production system. So I wanted to share this technique here. First off, let me explain how the testRTC […]

Meet us at WebRTC Global Summit

Next week, I will be presenting at WebRTC Global Summit in London. WebRTC Global Summit is one of the main European events that are focused around WebRTC. This time around, the event is split into three separate tracks: Developer track, taking place on April 11, where I will be speaking about video codecs in WebRTC and chairing the […]

See you at Kranky Geek India

This week, I am heading to Kranky Geek India. The event takes place on the 19th of March in Bengaluru with a great cadre of speakers – both local to India and those who are traveling especially for this (like me). As an organizer of this event, it is important for me that it turns […]