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Introducing: Our Brand New Dashboard

We’ve been working hard these past two months, ever since we got our previous release out the door. This time, we invested a lot of time and thought on the small items. And one big item as well.

All over the service, you’ll notice some slight changes to the UI. This is an ongoing process to fine-tune the service and make it simpler to use for our customers.

The biggest visible addition to our latest release is the introduction of a new user dashboard.

From now one, when a user logs in, he gets a bird’s eye view of his activities in testRTC:

testRTC dashboard

What can you see on the dashboard?



This area of the dashboard highlights the usage done in the account.

It allows you to understand what resources are available to you, so if you want to run a stress test, you will be able to use enough browsers.

If you want to do ad-hoc testing with more browsers than are available in your account, you’ll need to holler us and we’re enable more browsers on your account for a period of time.



This area shows the statistics of your use over a span of time. It is quite useful for managers to understand how many tests were conducted and know how they fared.

  • In red, we indicate tests and monitor executions that failed for the period selected
  • In green, we indicate tests and monitor executions that succeeded for the period selected
  • In blue, we indicate the total number of tests and monitor executions for the period selected

And you can select a different period to look at.

Active Monitors

Active Monitors

This area indicate what monitors are up and running at the moment, along with the status of the most recent execution.

If you click on any of the rows, it will get you to the monitor run results, filtered for that specific monitor.

Recent Tests

Recent Tests

This area shows the last 5 tests that got executed, along with their results.

As with the active monitors, clicking on the test gets you to the results themselves.

News and Announcements

News and Announcements

This area shows some news and announcements we have for our users.

What’s Next?

Consider the dashboard a work in progress. We’re sure there’s much to be improved here. We wanted to get this out the door and into the hands of our users. Ping us if you have any suggestions on how to improve it.


If you need to test or monitor a WebRTC product – don’t be shy – sign up for testRTC.

3 testRTC Update: May 2016

Yesterday, we released our latest update to testRTC.

This new version started with the intent to “just replace backend tables” and grew from there due to the usual feature creep. Wanting to serve the needs of our customers does that to us.

Anyway, here’s what you should expect from this updated version:

  • Improved backend tables. We’ve rewritten our table’s code
    • This makes them load faster when they are full – especially the monitor run history ones which tend to fill up fast and then load slow
    • We used the time to add pagination, filters and search capabilities
  • Report results improvements
    • The results tab for specific agents are now easier to navigate
    • Warnings and errors are collected, aggregated and can be filtered based on their type
    • All collected file can now be viewed or downloaded in the same manner
  • Automatic screenshot on failure
    • Whenever a test fails, we try to take a screenshot of that last moment
    • This can be very useful for debugging and post mortem analysis of test results
  • Test import/export
    • We’ve added the ability to import and export tests
    • This got us into serializing our tests’ information as JSON objects – a characteristics we will be making use of in future versions
  • New webhook at the end of a test/monitor run. You can now call an external system with the result of a test or monitor
    • We’ve seen people use it to push our results into Splunk
    • They can generally be used as a good programmable alerting mechanism on top of the monitoring service
    • More on how to use the new webhooks
  • APIs
    • We’ve added RESTful APIs to our service, so you can now executre and retrieve test results programmatically
    • This is quite useful for continuous integration scenarios
    • Our API documentation is available online
  • More expectations on channels
    • We’ve added the ability to set expectations on channels also based on the total data, number of packets and round trip
    • Check out rtcSetTestExpectation for more information

We are also introducing audio MOS in limited beta – contact us if you’d like to try it out.

Meet us at WebRTC Global Summit

Next week, I will be presenting at WebRTC Global Summit in London.

WebRTC Global Summit is one of the main European events that are focused around WebRTC.

This time around, the event is split into three separate tracks:

  1. Developer track, taking place on April 11, where I will be speaking about video codecs in WebRTC and chairing the day
  2. Telecom track, taking place in parallel to the Developer track
  3. Enterprise track, taking place on April 12, where I will be speaking about testing challenges of WebRTC in the enterprise

WebRTC brings with it new challenges when it comes to testing and monitoring, and this will be my main focus for the session on the Enterprise track. To give a few examples of where these challenges are:

  • You are now reliant on the browsers and how they implement and update their support for WebRTC
  • What is it that you test and monitor? I’ve seen services fail because a connection to a directory service was flaky or a NAT wasn’t configured properly
  • How do you simulate different network conditions for the browsers you use during testing?

These types of challenges, and how to deal with them are things I will be raising during the session.

On another topic, until the recording from the recent Kranky Geek India event becomes available, here’s the presentation I’ve given there:

There’s a solid agenda, and the event is free to attend for telcos, enterprises and developers. If you are in London, I highly recommend you register and come to the event. I’ll be happy to catch a chat with you on anything WebRTC related.


See you at Kranky Geek India

This week, I am heading to Kranky Geek India.

The event takes place on the 19th of March in Bengaluru with a great cadre of speakers – both local to India and those who are traveling especially for this (like me). As an organizer of this event, it is important for me that it turns out properly.

In last year’s event I didn’t really speak. Since I like hearing my voice in a room full of people, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to speak this time. Testing being something I focus on lately (obviously), meant that “Quality Assurance of WebRTC Services” was the topic of choice for me.

So what will I share in this session?

How do you go about automating your WebRTC testbed?

Instead of talking about how great testRTC is, and what you can do with it – I’ll give some tips to those who wish to develop their own WebRTC automation infrastructure. I’ll try to cover as much ground as the 20 minutes allotted to the speakers at Kranky Geek.

If you are around – make sure to come and say hi!

Welcome to our new website!

Not exactly new, but still.

We’ve taken the time in the last month to revamp our website – not the web app that you use daily to test and monitor your services, but the one where people can find out more about us.

The main change that you’ll notice is this section – the blog. In it, we will be updating you on our progress and offer advice on how to use our service, but also how to test WebRTC services in general – with or without the assistance of testRTC.

To make sure you don’t miss out on any of the great tips that we’ve lined up for the coming months, we suggest you subscribe to our feed (you’ll find how in the sidebar).

See you soon!