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See you at Kranky Geek India

This week, I am heading to Kranky Geek India.

The event takes place on the 19th of March in Bengaluru with a great cadre of speakers – both local to India and those who are traveling especially for this (like me). As an organizer of this event, it is important for me that it turns out properly.

In last year’s event I didn’t really speak. Since I like hearing my voice in a room full of people, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to speak this time. Testing being something I focus on lately (obviously), meant that “Quality Assurance of WebRTC Services” was the topic of choice for me.

So what will I share in this session?

How do you go about automating your WebRTC testbed?

Instead of talking about how great testRTC is, and what you can do with it – I’ll give some tips to those who wish to develop their own WebRTC automation infrastructure. I’ll try to cover as much ground as the 20 minutes allotted to the speakers at Kranky Geek.

If you are around – make sure to come and say hi!

Welcome to our new website!

Not exactly new, but still.

We’ve taken the time in the last month to revamp our website – not the web app that you use daily to test and monitor your services, but the one where people can find out more about us.

The main change that you’ll notice is this section – the blog. In it, we will be updating you on our progress and offer advice on how to use our service, but also how to test WebRTC services in general – with or without the assistance of testRTC.

To make sure you don’t miss out on any of the great tips that we’ve lined up for the coming months, we suggest you subscribe to our feed (you’ll find how in the sidebar).

See you soon!