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CALL QUALITY: What we measure

The Call Quality Widget tests for the actual session quality when connecting a WebRTC session with the service being tested.

Data we collect and share

MOS ScoreMean Opinion Score. A value between 1-5 indicating a subjective quality measurement. The verbose explanation next to the number is usually enough.
Round TripThe time it takes for a packet to be sent and a reply to be received back. The shorter the roundtrip the higher the media quality.
Packet LossPercentage of packets lost in the test. The lower the value the higher the media quality.
JitterJitter of the session in the test. The higher the value the lower the media quality is.

MOS score

The MOS score verbose explanation text is based on the following ranges:

MOS > 4Excellent
3 > MOS >= 4Good
2 > MOS >= 3Fair
1 > MOS >= 2Poor
MOS <= 1 Bad

Things to notice

Bad scoring immediately means low media quality. Specifically since this tests an actual WebRTC session on the service. Other widgets provide more hints to the reasons why the quality is low (type of connection, capacity, etc).

Strive for Good or Excellent MOS score.

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