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How can you test high load?

The idea of our Load generator is to unbundle WebRTC from the browser and disable its codecs, streaming compressed media directly through WebRTC. This will give us the increase necessary to handle performance and capacity. While the end result won’t be as flexible as a full browser, our intent here is to offer an easy path for high performance. Regarding the signaling messages flow – our plan is to introduce the load agent as a Node.js process, which will enable writing the signaling part in JavaScript, practically sharing it between the web browser code and the load agent.

The combination of real browsers and the new load agent will give the best results for high load tests -the real browsers can accommodate any signaling message flows needed as well as handle things like beta browser releases or experiments you wish to do – whatever functional tests you may envision can be addressed with it. The load agents will enable loading the required components in parallel or not to the real browsers.

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