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Instruct testRTC to collect webrtc-internals at that point in time.

testRTC has two ways of collecting data:

  1. By “downloading” the webrtc-internals dump file at the end of a test
  2. By using getstats

Using getstats requires testRTC to latch on and override the WebRTC APIs, and that doesn’t work for some applications. webrtc-internals might be empty if collected at the end of a test if the peer connection is closed already.

When you need to collect data via webrtc-internals before the end of the test, then you can and should use rtcCaptureCallData().


tabinteger (optional)Indicates which tab points to chrome://webrtc-internals. By default, tab=0
You should use this argument if the open tab gets closed by your application and you need to open it manually later on – some proctoring applications do that.


  • Don’t call this script command if you are not sure if it is needed
  • If you need it, make sure you call it only once

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