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Change the network profile during a test run dynamically to simulate changing network conditions.


profile namestringThe name of the network profile to set or
  • If the value is an empty string “”, then the network will return to its default state for the test
  • If the value “custom” is selected, then the additional optional arguments to this command will be required


  • profile name should be the exact text of the network profiles that can be selected for tests
  • We have listed the available network profiles and their configuration
  • An empty string profile name will revert the network profile to its default state for the test
  • For custom profiles, it is advisable to use rtcSetNetwork()

Code examples

client .rtcSetNetworkProfile('Regular 4G') /* ... */ /* connect session here */ /* ... */ /* Lower network conditions for 10 seconds */ client.rtcSetNetworkProfile('Poor 3G') .pause(10000) /* Drop the network altogether for 5 seconds */ .rtcSetNetworkProfile('Call Drop') .pause(5000) /* And back to the default again */ .rtcSetNetworkProfile('');
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