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Test Results Page

After a test is ended, the test results page is automatically loaded. It is also possible to reach this page by clicking on the ‘Test Run History’ menu item at the left side menu bar.

The test results page is composed of the following sections:

Test Summary Dashboard

The Test Summary Dashboard presents the test’s main quality measurements:

  • Average call setup time – the average (for all sessions in the test) time in seconds it takes for each WebRTC channel in the session to exceed 50% of the channel’s average bit-rate. For further information, refer to Understand the test result’s ‘call setup time’ value
  • Packet loss – The average (of all sessions in the test) packet loss percentage (divided to in and out channels).
  • Effective bit-rate – The average (of all sessions in the test) effective bit-rate (divided to in and out channels).

Test Result Overview

This section presents test’s basic information such as test start time, duration and total incoming and outgoing data.

This section presents also test’s custom metrics, if defined. For further information about test custom metrics, please refer to Custom metrics commands

Test Sessions / Groups

The ‘Test Sessions / Groups’ table presents the executed sessions, un-grouped (i.e. any single session in a separate row) or grouped by different criteria.

When choosing a grouped sessions, all information in the test results page will be presented for the chosen sessions’ group.

When clicking on a single session entry, a single session – single iteration results page is opened.

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