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testRTC Knowledge Base

Welcome to testRTC! Our support and documentation portal (knowledge base) was built to help you get familiar with our products and explore their features.

There are several ways to explore our knowledge base:

  • Get started – learn the basics of our products by reading relevant topics in our suggested order
  • By topic – browse our knowledge base by topics, organized into categories
  • Search – the search text box appears on every page in the knowledge base. When you enter the search query, before hitting enter, we will show you the most relevant topics right below the search text box.  You can click on one of the results to see the corresponding item. If what you are looking for doesn’t appear in the quick search list, hit “Enter” while your cursor is in the search tab. After you hit enter, you will be taken to the search results page where all results will be shown, sorted based on relevance
  • Intro videos – see our system in action

Intro videos

The following short YouTube videos presents our system in action. Watch these videos for quick and convenient explanations of how to use our system to its greatest potential.

Talky demo

AppRTC demo

Additional videos can be found in our intro videos page

Getting started

  1. Introduction and Solution architecture
  2. Home Dashboard
  3. Tests management – Tests page
  4. Test Configuration Page
  5. Writing Scripts – Introduction
  6. Running a Test
  7. Running Test Dashboard
  8. Test Results Page
  9. Test Iteration Results Page
  10. Monitoring

More organized reading material can be found in our Advance Reading page.

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