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Why does testRTC rely on real browsers in its WebRTC testing service?

There are several reasons why we’ve decided in testRTC to rely on real browsers for our testing and monitoring products:

  1. Applications using WebRTC are more likely than not to work inside web browsers. While they may have native applications as well, browsers seem to be the common denominator. Using it gives us a universal “language” for our products
  2. WebRTC changes rapidly. New features are added while others are deprecated with every browser release. This means that you (and us) need to keep updating at the pace of browsers. The best way to do that is relying on browsers
  3. WebRTC doesn’t force any signaling protocol. To be able to easily support your signaling protocol of choice, we simply let your application dictate it to us the way you would dictate it to a browser. This removes the need for lengthy and complex integration effort on your side when starting to use testRTC

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