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webrtc-internals and getstats parameters

At testRTC we try hard to simplify the analysis process. We do this by visualizing the results as much as possible and making the important information pop out. While at it, we also make sure you always have access to as much data as you need, so we collect everything we can for you.

WebRTC offers a slew of statistics and metrics. These are made available through our results in the various products via the Advanced WebRTC Analytics section. This information as given “as is” and it is assumed you’ll know what to do with it.

That said, we have written a few articles explaining the contents of webrtc-internals and the meaning of the most important metrics in WebRTC’s getstats interface:

  1. webrtc-internals and getstats parameters – a detailed view of webrtc-internals and the getstats() parameters it collects
  2. active connections in webrtc-internals – an explanation of how to find the active connection in webrtc-internals – and how to wrap back from there to find the ICE candidates of the active connection
  3. webrtc-internals API trace – a guide on what to expect in the API trace for a successful WebRTC session, along with some typical failure cases

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