Network Testing

Reduce support costs by identifying and resolving customer network issues faster with less frustration.

testRTC offers a fully customizable network testing page you can own and share with your clients.  They operate it from their location and you easily and efficiently collect all relevant statistics to be able to remotely troubleshoot issues.

Fix Issues Faster

Quickly collect relevant network statistics by running multiple checks againstyour infrastructure from the client’s physical location.

  • Define what tests you want to conduct from a comprehensive list ofavailable tests
  • Get results in less than 2 minutes
  • Pinpoint and solve problems effectively


Customize the page to fit your branding.

  • Pick your own domain URL
  • Replace the header and footer
  • Change CSS colors

Available Checks

testRTC Network Testing allows you to pick and choose from a rich library of network checks that can be conducted. These get executed on you client’s machine against your infrastructure to give you a complete view of potential issues. Following is a list of checks available “out of the box”. Additional ones can be created upon request.

Call Quality

  • Connect a real audio or video call to your infrastructure
  • Check for call quality metrics such as latency, packet loss,jitter and MOS score

TURN Connectivity

  • Validate the ability to connect to your TURN infrastructure
  • Check for UDP, TCP and TLStypes of TURN connections


  • Check the potential throughput available for your connection
  • Estimate the number of concurrent sessions you can make
  • This is based on the SCTP data channel


  • Pinpoint the location of your client, as your infrastructure sees it
  • Understand if you are facing any VPN scenarios or other routing conditions

Bandwidth Speed

  • Conduct one or more bandwidth speed tests
  • Tests initiated towards the location of your closest data center
  • Understand available bandwidth on your client’s network


  • Test for round trip time towards your closest data center
  • Or run multiple ping tests in front of multiple data centers


"When it comes to debugging, when something has gone wrong, testRTC is the first place we’d go look. There’s a lot of information there"

Jamie Chapman

Voice API Engineer

"testRTC’s Network Testing service reduces the turnaround time for us in understanding and addressing potential network issues with clients"

João Gaspar

Global Director, Customer Service


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