Continuously test network quality to your WebRTC infrastructure

probeRTC offers a simple yet powerful monitoring solution, enabling you to continuously monitor office locations and important sites and their connectivity to your WebRTC infrastructure in the cloud or data centers you own.

Is a specific office location causing you connectivity issues?

Do you need to understand a user’s network conditions over time?

How do you compare your service availability in different places?

Do you know how your service behaves in locations strategic to you?

You worked hard to setup your WebRTC application. Be it a call center, unified communications service, telehealth or other. The infrastructure has been put up to withstand the traffic and the metrics you monitor show that everything is up and running perfectly.

And yet users still complain. There’s that specific office or region where users consistently have quality issues. Connectivity isn’t great. Calls are dropped. Clients are aggravated. We both know this isn’t your fault, but your users don’t really care. They need you to help them figure out what’s wrong.

How do you go ahead and continuously monitor a specific user location - an office, a hospital - to help out your users and figure out how their network behaves?

Introducing: probeRTC - continuously monitor network quality of an office location

probeRTC is a WebRTC monitoring tool that continuously monitors and tests the network quality of specific office locations against your WebRTC infrastructure. You create a probeRTC probe and let your users deploy them inside a browser without installing anything, or as a monitoring agent on any machine in their office.

From there, probeRTC will do the rest by monitoring the connection from the office to your infrastructure: collecting, storing and visualizing the results so both you and your user can view the data and use it.

probeRTC is part of our complete suite of quality assurance solutions. testRTC enables testing, monitoring and support for WebRTC based applications and services.

Monitor office locations

against your WebRTC infrastructure

Check from specific locations

Conduct tests from different office locations, ensuring accurate measurements for your largest user bases.

Compare different locations

See how different offices compare to each other in their connectivity and network quality towards your communications infrastructure.

Share data with your users

Review and share the resulting data directly with your users, letting them know the status and giving them actionable tools and suggestions.

What does probeRTC include?

Zero-install probe

Configure and run a monitor on any web browser without installation

Installable agent

Install a monitoring agent on any machine when needed

Any location

Connect and monitor any location around the globe


Define the frequency and types of tests to conduct per monitor


Share probe data with your customers and IT managers for ease of use

Visualized results

Results are visualized at all levels, letting you pinpoint issues faster

Compare probes

Compare the results of different locations, to see the differences in behavior across your deployment

Try out ProbeRTC today

  • Show your users their office network behavior
  • Proactively assist users with connectivity issues
  • Investigate issues with ease as they occur

We can get you up and running with our monitoring probes in no time.


  Do I need to install anything?

Yes and no.

probeRTC can run right inside the browser and collect everything it needs continuously. If you’d rather have it run as a daemon/agent on a machine in the office location in the background then we have an installable application for that as well.

  Are you just monitoring the network with probeRTC?


probeRTC has a variety of tests that it is capable of conducting. We can set these tests so that they monitor the specific location against your network infrastructure and WebRTC servers - in most cases, this is what our clients are doing.

  Does it interfere with the communication taking place already?

Depending on the test conducted by probeRTC, it can be either minor or it can have a negative impact on your network’s performance during the time of the test. This is why you can decide at what frequency to run the tests - running some tests as fast as every 5 minutes and other tests only once a day.

  How can I share the results with my client?

probeRTC enables you per probe to setup a sharing link and send it to specific users. That way, you can give them access to the data collected by the monitoring probes in their locations in real time.

  How much does this cost?

Depends on the number of probes you need.

Let’s talk and see how we can work together.


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