WHY testRTC?

When you test WebRTC you need a lot more than simple browser automation. This is where testRTC comes in. We solve all the hard problems in making testing and monitoring your WebRTC product a breeze. This means that instead of tasking a developer in building, maintaining and updating your testbed around the clock, you can free him to implement the features necessary in your product.

Think of testRTC as your army of minion browsers, capable of doing your bidding. You can instruct them to run a large-scale stress test in front of your product, have them go through the hoops of complex scenarios continuously, checking each new release you have as well as validating each and every new browser version release. You can set these minions to run every 15 minutes or even less – checking in each round the expected results of your service and alerting you when things get awry.

To top it off, we're hard at work right now in getting our minions even smarter and better. On making them more powerful so you can gain even more out of your subscription with us.

Before you go down the path of deploying your own Selenium grid for your WebRTC needs, we invite you to check out how testRTC can get you up to speed faster than any other tool.


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