Network Jitter or Round Trip Time – which is more important in WebRTC?

Network Jitter or Round Trip Time – which is more important when testing or monitoring a WebRTC application? You’ve got your WebRTC application. You have users communicating with it. How do you know they are having a good experience? How do you know you’ve placed your servers in the right locations? Got the routes properly […]

WebRTC Video Diagnostics for your application (done properly)

WebRTC video diagnostics should be tackled with a holistic approach that offers an end-to-end solution for your users and your support team. Let’s go through this rabbit hole of network testing – and what testRTC has to offer. Dev Tools: Build vs Buy What I find fascinating about developer tools is the discussions you get […]

WebRTC performance comparison testing (and a whitepaper)

How do you compare the performance of 2 or more WebRTC services? How about comparing the performance of your service to itself over time, or on different configurations? We’ve added the tooling to answer this question to testRTC. TL;DR – We’ve published a whitepaper on WebRTC performance comparative analysis sponsored by Vonage. You can download […]

WebRTC Test: Testing Made Easy

Conducting a WebRTC test is challenging, but the devil is in the details. testRTC’s cloud WebRTC testing and validation platform that scales with ease. Testing WebRTC applications is challenging. From simple 1:1, through figuring out how to optimize for large group video calls to live broadcasts to thousands of participants or more; what you will […]

VoIP Network Tests in the era of WebRTC

Not sure what got to me last week, but I wanted to see what type of network testing for VoIP exists out there. This got me down memory lane to what felt like the wild west of the 90’s world wide web. You can do that yourself! Just search for “voip network test” on Google […]

Testing large scale WebRTC events on LiveSwitch Cloud

If you are developing WebRTC applications that target large scale events – think hundreds of users in a single “room”, then you should continue reading. LiveSwitch Cloud by Frozen Mountain is a modern CPaaS offering focused around video communications. Naturally it makes use of WebRTC and relies on the long heritage and capabilities of Frozen […]

How Blitzz shifted to self service WebRTC network testing with testRTC

The Blitzz Remote Support Software is a flexible, scalable, and affordable solution for SMBs, mid-market, and well-established enterprises. Blitzz is helping service teams safely and successfully transition to a remote environment. The three-step solution to powerful visual assistance requires no app download. Customer Care Agents can clearly see what’s happening and offer remote guidance to […]

Methodically testing and optimizing WebRTC applications at Vowel

“testRTC is the defacto standard for providing reliable WebRTC testing functionality.” Paul Fisher, CTO and Co-Founder at Vowel There are many vendors who are trying to focus these days on making meetings more efficient. Vowel is a video conferencing tool that actually makes meetings better. It enables users to plan, host, transcribe, search, and share […]

How Workable uses testRTC for automated WebRTC testing

“testRTC had almost everything that we needed. The solution is easy to use, easy to integrate and  it was easy to include in our CI environment.”Eleni Karakizi, Senior QA Engineer at Workable HR is one of the business functions that are getting a digital transformation makeover. Workable is a leading vendor in this market, helping […]

Testing call center quality when onboarding WFH remote agents

As call centers are shifting from office work to work from home with the help of cloud and WebRTC, network quality and testing are becoming more important than ever. qualityRTC is here to help. “testRTC’s Network Testing service reduces the turnaround time for us in understanding and addressing potential network issues with clients” João Gaspar, […]