We acquired Callstats – What does that mean for the future of WebRTC monitoring?

Spearline has acquired Callstats.

We have some exciting news to share! After acquiring testRTC a year ago. WebRTC monitoring is now in the best hands.

If you’re not aware, Callstats offers a passive monitoring solution for WebRTC applications. You embed their SDK (software development kit) within your application, it then siphons the metrics it needs to its servers for further analysis – similar in many ways to our watchRTC product.

Before continuing, I’d like to welcome all the Callstats customers to the Spearline family. We are here to help you and grow together with you.

For me personally this is a very exciting day. Co-founding testRTC and operating it for many years, we’ve been following Callstats from the sidelines. A year ago, Spearline acquired testRTC and here I am now, as the Chief Product Officer at Spearline – looking after the roadmaps of all the communication testing and monitoring products.

Why we’ve acquired Callstats

Our success has been and continues to be, dependent on your success. We know many of you already use WebRTC technology or are accelerating its adoption.

In the WebRTC monitoring market, Callstats and NIH (the not-invented-here approach of companies developing their monitoring solution in-house) were our main competitors.

However, following on from our acquisition of testRTC last November and now Callstats – we’re now the world leading vendor in WebRTC testing and monitoring. No other vendor can offer this breadth of solutions, but we won’t stop there.

Where do we go from here?

We strive to be the global leader in testing and monitoring communications technologies.

Acquiring the top two brands in WebRTC testing and monitoring enables us to grow our market and provide you with the world’s leading all-encompassing ready-to-test solutions, no matter what technologies you use for your critical business communications.

If you are a customer of either testRTC or Callstats – rest assured that we have your back. We will continue to serve you in the best possible way (this is what Spearline does). Our roadmap for 2023 is jam-packed with features and capabilities to help you with your WebRTC journey.

If you aren’t a customer of testRTC or Callstats but you are using WebRTC – you should ask yourself why that is:

  • Are you sure you can handle your testing and monitoring needs alone?
  • Is such an investment in tooling and not in your core business justified?
  • Will you be able to develop and maintain this tooling for years to come?

I invite you to contact us. To see demos of what our WebRTC solutions can do for you. And to talk with our dedicated team of experienced engineers and professionals on how we can make your life easier.