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Home Dashboard

The home dashboard presents a bird’s eye view of your activities in testRTC.


The dashboard is composed of the following areas:


This area of the dashboard highlights the usage done in the account.

It allows you to understand what resources are available to you, so if you want to run a stress test, you will be able to use enough browsers.

If you want to do ad-hoc testing with more browsers than are available in your account, click on ‘Add Agents’.


This area shows the statistics of your use over a span of time. It is quite useful for managers to understand how many tests were conducted and know how they fared.

In red, we indicate tests and monitor executions that failed for the period selected

In green, we indicate tests and monitor executions that succeeded for the period selected

In yellow, we indicate tests and monitor executions that ended with warning for the period selected

In blue, we indicate the total number of tests and monitor executions for the period selected

In the stats area, you can select different periods to look at.

Active Monitors

This area indicate what monitors are up and running at the moment, along with the status of the most recent execution.

If you click on any of the rows, it will get you to the monitor run results, filtered for that specific monitor.

Recent Tests

This area shows the last 5 tests that got executed, along with their results.

As with the active monitors, clicking on the test gets you to the results themselves.


This area presents information that can help you manage and use our system, such as the API key.

News and Announcements

This area shows some news and announcements we have for our users.

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