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Integrating testing and monitoring results with Slack

You can send testRTC run results with a Slack channel. To that end you will be using the #webhook run option.

  1. Optional: Create in your slack account a channel to use for receiving these notifications. You can skip this and use an existing channel
  2. Click on the Apps menu on the sidebar in Slack
  3. In the App Directory, pick Incoming Webhooks
  4. Select the channel you want testRTC notifications to appear in
  5. Copy the Webhook URL from the configuration of the Incoming Webhooks app
  6. Paste it into the run options of your testRTC test or monitor prefixed by #webhook:

It should look something like this:


This will send all results of a monitor or a test to the slack channel. Alternatively, you can decide to filter only for certain results. If you want, for example, to receive only failure and warning results, you can add &filter=failure,warnings



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