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Collection Intervals in watchRTC

Collection Intervals refer to how frequently data is sampled when gathering statistics. You can choose any duration between 1 and 300 seconds (equivalent to five minutes). It determines the waiting time between data points collection.

By default, the testRTC team sets the interval to 8 seconds in your project settings.

SDK Connection Parameters

When using the SDK, data collection begins parallel to the SDK connection process. This means that right after the call has started we begin collecting data while we wait for the SDK to establish a connection. This data is stored locally on the client side.

Initially, it collects data at the default interval (every 8 seconds) or if provided by the application, the collectionInterval specified upon initializing the watchRTC SDK. Once the SDK has established a connection, it checks if the collection interval it uses matches that configured on the project. If the server returns a different collectionInterval, any previously collected data by the SDK will be discarded, and the new collectionInterval will be used to collect and send data.

Tip: When using the SDK, you don’t need to enter a value for the collection interval unless you wish to override the collectionInterval configured in the project settings. If you wish to change the collection interval of your project, please contact customer support.

Important: If changing the default interval configured by using the collectionInterval in the SDK connection parameters, there’s a risk of losing data if the wrong value is set!


After the SDK has established a connection to the server we will check if the default collectionInterval is the same as it is in the project config:

  • If so, we will send all data collected locally on the client side to the server, and keep sending it until the call finishes.
    Result: On the graph the user will see data from the very beginning of the call.
  • If not, we will flush the data we have collected on the client and start collecting and sending data using the new collectionInterval.
    Result: On the graph the user will see the data from the time it got the new collectionInterval found in the SDK Connection Parameters.

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