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How to run a probe in a web browser

Running a probe in a web browser is the easiest method. This can be done in just a few clicks and you will have your results available in a few mins.

About this task: To begin running your probe in a browser, do the following:

  1. Follow the web browser link which you received in the email.
  2. Start probe: On the following screen, click the “Start” probe button to begin the probe.
  3. Mute audio: You will then need to right-click on the probeRTC browser tab and then select Mute site as there will be an audio prompt playing in the background.

Results: Your probe will now begin and you will have three options:

  • SHOW LOG to view the results and depending on the frequency of testing that the administrator configured, you can check the results of your network connectivity.
  • HIDE LOG (the opposite of ‘SHOW LOG’ ) to hide the logs.
  • RESTART to begin the probe again.

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