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Introduction to watchRTC

watchRTC is a passive monitoring tool that enables you to collect, track and analyze your user’s usage patterns of your service. This is enabled by integrating the watchRTC SDK as a part of your application. Once integrated, your users’ sessions will be tracks and their metrics collected by watchRTC, making them accessible to you on the watchRTC dashboard for analysis and drilldown.

Architecture Components

watchRTC is built out of 2 main components:

  1. Client SDK – integrated into your client application
    • It silently collects WebRTC related events and metrics and sends them to our backend
    • The client is designed to be compact as to not consume to many resources
  2. Dashboard – the Dashboard is where your support team can analyze the results, either in aggregate or by drilling down to specific sessions and peers

Dashboard views

The dashboard offers multiple views, where each view has its own purpose:

  • Highlights – shares a bird’s-eye view of the aggregated data
  • Trends – review the qualitative nature of your deployment
  • History – drills down to individual sessions/rooms and peers/clients
  • Live – optional add-on, offering real-time access to ongoing WebRTC sessions

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