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Comparing and testRTC

We released watchRTC last year, a product that handles passive monitoring of WebRTC users and applications. With it, we’ve changed the game of what vendors and tools you are going to need for your WebRTC application lifecycle. Now, there’s a single vendor who can fulfill each of your needs – testRTC.

testRTC offers a complete set of products and services suitable for the full lifecycle of WebRTC application development. From development and testing, to monitoring and support of production infrastructure and users. Here’s what you’re getting from our products:

  • testingRTC helps developers test the scalability, performance and functionality of their WebRTC-based applications. Our customers use it for unit testing, stress testing, regression, etc.
  • upRTC is our active monitoring service. It is designed to validate that your infrastructure is up and running as intended, accessible from anywhere you need it to be.
  • watchRTC helps operations teams monitor and analyze live WebRTC voice and video quality in production environments. Some of our customers use it also to assist with their manual testing.
  • qualityRTC provides support teams with a tool that drastically reduces their handling time of quality and connectivity issues reported by end users. This in turn increases satisfaction and reduces churn.
  • probeRTC can check specific office locations and their network performance in front of your WebRTC infrastructure, doing it continuously over a long period of time.

<img role= Also, since Spearline acquired us, we can offer even broader solutions when it comes to call centers, with end-to-end monitoring and testing of landline and mobile phone numbers across the globe connecting to call center agents on web browsers.

While lets you monitor live WebRTC calls and evaluate real end-user experiences, testRTC does a lot more than that – it offers a full suite of testing and monitoring services where monitoring live WebRTC calls is just one of the products.

In this post, I review the differences between testRTC and, especially when it comes to the holistic view of a WebRTC application lifecycle.

testRTC is suitable for all of your WebRTC application lifecycle needs

testRTC has a variety of users. From developers and testers, though IT operations teams to support organizations. Each user will find that the set of testRTC products assists with daily work and makes tasks less cumbersome – be it to automate and scale testing, provide visibility towards the WebRTC production infrastructure or assist in solving user complaints.

We have our roots in testing. This brings with it three target pillars that all our products start from:

  1. Collect and share everything. Developers want it all, so we collect and share everything with them. We took this approach to all of our other products as we grew, which makes our solutions the most complete ones. Whatever data point you need – we have it available for you.
  2. Simplify and focus analysis. WebRTC is complex. The data we collect is complex. On one hand, we make it all available, on the other hand, we spend a lot of time figuring out what to show and where to make information available with as little number of clicks as possible for our users.
  3. Shorten the cycle. We look at the complete WebRTC application lifecycle. And our goal is to simplify and shorten it. The quicker the iterations you have, the faster you will be able to operate and innovate. Much of our engineering effort is used towards optimizing speed and performance of our UI so you won’t have to wait.

At the end of the day, testRTC has a rich and powerful set of products that are suitable for your needs if you are using WebRTC. is suitable for monitoring end users is built for monitoring WebRTC in production environments. It is designed to make it easy to evaluate and understand the user experience. The target audience is the operations team handling the WebRTC infrastructure and no one else.

Only testRTC offers complete monitoring, testing and support capabilities is used to monitor users in production environments. That said, if you need to check the connectivity of your users, the health of your WebRTC infrastructure or to test new releases and features before introducing them to your customers, then you won’t be able to do any of these using

By contrast, testRTC lets you monitor both live calls as well as the underlying infrastructure with predictable simulated traffic. testRTC also lets you easily handle customer tickets on connectivity and quality issues. And to top it off, testRTC assists you in developing and validating your service before going to market.

testRTC provides the tools you need for the full WebRTC application lifecycle – from development – through deployment and monitoring – to support. We simulate traffic, capture live traffic, analyze networks and visualize results in ways that make it easier for you no matter what point in time you are at with your WebRTC deployment.

testRTC or

The table below summarizes the key features and capabilities of testRTC and

Target audience Operations teams, Support teams, Application developers, testing and QA teams Operations teams
Primary function watchRTC & upRTC: Monitor and analyze WebRTC service
qualityRTC & probeRTC: Assist in solving end user connectivity and quality issues
testingRTC: Evaluate WebRTC application performance and scalability
Monitor and analyze WebRTC service quality
Key features    
Monitor live calls Yes (data available while the call is taking place) Yes (data available only after call ends)
Gather KPIs from real users Yes Yes
Generate predictable synthetic data Yes No
Scores Yes Yes
Measure end-user network quality Yes No
Automated stress/sizing testing Yes No
Automated functional testing Yes No

The Devil is in the Details

At first glance and testRTC may seem similar. But take a closer look and you’ll see that they’re more like an apple versus a fruit bowl:

<img role= offers a point solution for your users monitoring needs

<img role=<img role=<img role=<img role=<img role= testRTC offers a rich set of solutions covering the whole WebRTC application lifecycle

Oh – and if you want we invite you to compare to our watchRTC product.

testRTC is the first and only solution that lets you test, monitor AND support your WebRTC application. Come check us out <img role=