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Status 4001

Media device changed multiple times. Read the full article to learn more.

Products:watchRTC, analyzeRTC
Message:Media device changed multiple times

What is this about?

This warning appears when the user changes his media device multiple times during the session.

While not an issue with regards to WebRTC or its use, it is more of a behavioural thing. If a user is changing his microphone or camera a large number of times during a session, it might indicate a media quality or connectivity issue that he is experiencing that might be connected or might not be connected to the device itself.

What does this look like in the analysis?

Opening the Advanced WebRTC Analytics and looking at the Event Log, you should be able to see multiple lines indicating a change of device.

Potential risks

This is more of a user behaviour thing. It might just be natural, or it might indicate a problem behind it – either one of connectivity and quality – or one related to the implementation of audio/video settings in your application and how users understand (or misunderstand) it.

Suggested actions to take

  • Check the media streams to see if the relevant incoming and outgoing bitrate seem reasonable and there aren’t some glaring problem with high packet loss or round trip time
  • If no issues are found in the channels and the media streams, review the frequency and behaviour of the device changes. See if they make sense to you
  • Look at your implementation of audio/video settings to see if they might be confusing to some users
  • Review the frequency of these errors. If they occur too much, it means this requires your full attention to resolve

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