Analyzing WebRTC network issues FASTER for your customers

Did this ever happen to you when you got a complaint from a customer?

You get a complaint from a customer. Usually it will be a prospect, trying out your cloud contact center service. He will say something like this:

“The calls just don’t connect”

Or maybe it will be “call quality sucks”

It might be some other complaint which you will immediately tag in your mind as a network issue with that customer’s network. The challenging part now, is how to help that customer?

Can you check your backend logs to find that single call and try to figure out the issues with it? Will that tell you (and convince your prospect) that the issue resides on their end?

Would you be asking your customer to try again? Maybe to check if loads in his browser? Or run a generic speed test service? How will that further your understanding of the problem and get you to a resolution?

The main challenge here is the time it takes to collect the information and then to show the customer why this is happening so he can fix his end of the problem.

What do I mean exactly?

  • The customer opens up a ticket
  • Gets an automated email from the ticketing system
  • At some point, a support person on your end will see the ticket, and send back a response. Something along the lines of a few things you want the customer to do for you
  • A day goes by
  • Or two
  • And you get a response. Your support person now needs to read the whole thing to refresh his memory. And in all likelihood, ask the customer for more information, or to conduct the information collection he did slightly differently
  • Back at forth it goes 2-4 times
  • Each time, losing hours or days

That prospect? Got a bit colder now in using your service.

The customer who complained? He is now unhappy. He can’t get decent calls done.

We need a better solution for this.

In 2019, we’ve worked with Talkdesk on a service that solves just that – getting the data they needed faster to their support team so they can help and onboard new customers faster. Just by making sure they have the data they need sooner and without too much of a hassle for their customers.

João Gaspar from Talkdesk joined us for a webinar. In this webinar he shared what Talkdesk’s support team is able to achieve by using our Network Testing service.

Check out the recording of the webinar:

Feel free to contact us to learn more about this tool.


Does the solution work for client OSs other than Windows?

    Tsahi Levent-Levi

    Yes it does.

    While we haven’t made the responsive design for mobile (we didn’t target mobile), it works there nicely enough when I use it.

    The intent in this case is for this to work on any web browser that supports WebRTC.

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