Meet us at WebRTC Global Summit

Next week, I will be presenting at WebRTC Global Summit in London.

WebRTC Global Summit is one of the main European events that are focused around WebRTC.

This time around, the event is split into three separate tracks:

  1. Developer track, taking place on April 11, where I will be speaking about video codecs in WebRTC and chairing the day
  2. Telecom track, taking place in parallel to the Developer track
  3. Enterprise track, taking place on April 12, where I will be speaking about testing challenges of WebRTC in the enterprise

WebRTC brings with it new challenges when it comes to testing and monitoring, and this will be my main focus for the session on the Enterprise track. To give a few examples of where these challenges are:

  • You are now reliant on the browsers and how they implement and update their support for WebRTC
  • What is it that you test and monitor? I’ve seen services fail because a connection to a directory service was flaky or a NAT wasn’t configured properly
  • How do you simulate different network conditions for the browsers you use during testing?

These types of challenges, and how to deal with them are things I will be raising during the session.

On another topic, until the recording from the recent Kranky Geek India event becomes available, here’s the presentation I’ve given there:

There’s a solid agenda, and the event is free to attend for telcos, enterprises and developers. If you are in London, I highly recommend you register and come to the event. I’ll be happy to catch a chat with you on anything WebRTC related.