We’ve Partnered Up With Frozen Mountain

Guess what? We’ve partnered with Frozen Mountain.

If you are developing a WebRTC application that is self hosted service on your own (AWS, bare metal or whatever cloud or data center), then you’ve got your hands full with work. That work includes a lot in the domain of stress testing the service, trying to size your servers and then ongoing monitoring of it.

More often than not, this would lead you to us. At testRTC we take care of your testing and monitoring needs for your WebRTC application.

And recently, we’ve seen several companies using Frozen Mountain and selecting testRTC for their WebRTC testing and monitoring needs.

Which lead to a natural next step for both companies –

We’ve now partnered.

What does that mean exactly?

It means that we know Frozen Mountain’s products and their capabilities a bit better – and guess what – Frozen Mountain knows our products and our product’s capabilities a bit better. It also means that if you’re using testRTC through Frozen Mountain, then the Frozen Mountain team can easily gain access to your test results when needed, analyze them and assist you with the issues you’re facing.

The end result? Speeding up your time from development to production.

If you are a Frozen Mountain customer, and you are looking for a testing and/or monitoring solution for your WebRTC application, then you can reach out directly to Frozen Mountain (or to us) – we’ll both be there for you to guide you through the process and make sure you end up with a better product offering with a higher quality to it.