Test Script Questionnaire


We’d appreciate if you can spend a few minutes to fill out this online form – it will help us understand your needs better and tailor your account to fit your needs.

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  • Please enter your testRTC account ID (email address)
  • Things to Consider

  • testRTC simulates real web browsers interacting with your service directly. This use of real browser simulation ensures that your service gets tested in the environment in which your users rely on. The test will be completed successfully only if the session will include WebRTC media. You can ensure that a WebRTC media is transferred in the session in different ways, such as:
    • Test that includes 2 users (i.e. browsers) that send media one to the other.
    • Test that includes 1 browser initiating a call to an echo (or similar) service.
    In general, most of the scripts will be based on the following flow:
    1. Navigate to the service web page.
    2. If needed, enter some details (e.g. for video chat room, type user name and password to login).
    3. Click on a button to join a WebRTC session. At this point, the video call page should be loaded. As part of the video call page, the browser will be requested to stream the camera and microphone to the other parties in the call. When the camera and microphone streaming will be requested, testRTC will stream the selected video and audio media, instead the machine’s camera and microphone.
    4. Consume media. Ensure to consume the media for enough time so testRTC system will be able to collect enough QoS information.
    5. If needed, perform activities during the session, such as enter chat messages.
  • For your most common tests - how many browsers will you need to be using in parallel using testRTC
  • List the things you expect the test to find and consider (media quality, connectivity, number of channels, registration procedure, locations, etc)
  • This is the URL the test will be using to access your system
  • If user names, passwords or other credentials are required, please write them down below so we can gain access to the service as your users would
  • Please describe the general flow of the scenario the test should follow. Be as detailed as possible, as these are the steps we are going to take when we write the script for your test (please refer to the general flow described in the 'Things to consider' section above)
  • Got any other thing you want to specify for the test? It can be anything from media bitrate, number of media channels; to explicit text in the UI
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.