testRTC Update: May 2016

Yesterday, we released our latest update to testRTC.

This new version started with the intent to “just replace backend tables” and grew from there due to the usual feature creep. Wanting to serve the needs of our customers does that to us.

Anyway, here’s what you should expect from this updated version:

  • Improved backend tables. We’ve rewritten our table’s code
    • This makes them load faster when they are full – especially the monitor run history ones which tend to fill up fast and then load slow
    • We used the time to add pagination, filters and search capabilities
  • Report results improvements
    • The results tab for specific agents are now easier to navigate
    • Warnings and errors are collected, aggregated and can be filtered based on their type
    • All collected file can now be viewed or downloaded in the same manner
  • Automatic screenshot on failure
    • Whenever a test fails, we try to take a screenshot of that last moment
    • This can be very useful for debugging and post mortem analysis of test results
  • Test import/export
    • We’ve added the ability to import and export tests
    • This got us into serializing our tests’ information as JSON objects – a characteristics we will be making use of in future versions
  • New webhook at the end of a test/monitor run. You can now call an external system with the result of a test or monitor
    • We’ve seen people use it to push our results into Splunk
    • They can generally be used as a good programmable alerting mechanism on top of the monitoring service
    • More on how to use the new webhooks
  • APIs
    • We’ve added RESTful APIs to our service, so you can now executre and retrieve test results programmatically
    • This is quite useful for continuous integration scenarios
    • Our API documentation is available online
  • More expectations on channels
    • We’ve added the ability to set expectations on channels also based on the total data, number of packets and round trip
    • Check out rtcSetTestExpectation for more information

We are also introducing audio MOS in limited beta – contact us if you’d like to try it out.

Nahum - May 3, 2016

Important release with lots of good stuff. Well done testRTC team!

    Tsahi Levent-Levi - May 3, 2016

    Thanks Nahum.

    I hope you’ll make good use of our new version 🙂

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