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The Throughput Widget tests for the data channel throughput. This can be used as a gross estimate to the number of concurrent voice sessions potentially available.

This test gives a general indication to the number of sessions that can be supported. It runs over raw sockets, making it slightly more accurate than the Bandwidth Speed Widget tests (these take place over HTTPS).

To work properly, this test conducts its test using TURN servers.

Estimated run time: 20 seconds


During onboarding we can:

  • The sessions calculation can be modified to meet the average/desired bitrate requirements of your service
  • Replace and connect this widget to your TURN servers
  • The sample uses Twilio’s TURN servers
  • Available “out of the box”:


The following table outlines the default threshold for the values collected. These thresholds are customizable.

Minimum bitrateAbove 4 sessions1-4 sessionsBelow 1 session
Average bitrateAbove 4 sessions1-4 sessionsBelow 1 session
Maximum bitrateAbove 4 sessions1-4 sessionsBelow 1 session
DifferenceBelow 20%20-50%Over 50%

Difference means the difference between Average & Minimum or Maximum & Average.

When to use?

The Throughput test is very useful in voice call scenarios, especially when more than a single user is using your service from the same local network (such as call centers).

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